Distinguished Club
La Quinta Country Club has once again been awarded the prestigious "Distinguished Club" award, as determined by the annual Distinguished Clubs award program conducted by BoardRoom magazine, one of the most respected trade publications serving private clubs.  To maintain the award, Boardroom Magazine reviewed our qualifications, once agian, and conducted a phone interview with General Manager/COO, Bruce Zahn. The Distinguished Clubs award program uses a club-specific rating system based on an extensive evaluation process that distills and measures a club's Member Experience.

As defined by Distinguished Clubs, "Member Experience" is that special combination of qualities that a private club provides its members.  It is not just the quality of service, or of the facilities, or of the product provided, it is also the quality of the staff and of the management, as well as the overall club governance they deliver.  The most important quality, however, is the quality of the intangible.  While difficult to measure, the latter is comprised of those magic moments experienced, the members befriended, the memorable events and famous tournaments attended, as well as the club traditions, history, and heritage proudly recognized.  

To be a Distinguished Club is to be one of a select group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing an absolutely excellent Member Experience.

Boardroom magazine developed the Distinguished Clubs award program to recognize and share - with the private club industry as a whole - what it is that Distinguished Clubs do differently, and to do so with the specific goal of improving the member experience at every private club in America, and thereby helping to preserve the institution of private clubs for many future generations.

BoardRoom magazine is the official publication of the Association of Private Club Directors and is published in print and digital formats, and shipped to 27 countries worldwide.  BoardRoom magazine is now widely viewed as the most respected and influential magazine in the private club industry. 

"We'd like to congratulate La Quinta Country Club for maintaining Distinguished Club status," said John Fornaro, Publisher of BoardRoom magazine, "Special recognition also goes out to La Quinta Country Club's General Manger/COO, Bruce V. Zahn, Jr., CCM, as well as the club's Board of Directors, its department heads, and entire staff for their efforts in providing an excellent member experience."

A Platinum Club of America
Club Leaders Forum and the esteemed members of the Advisory Board are proud to present the Platinum Clubs of America Award to La Quinta Country Club. Established in 1997 by the late Mr. John Sibbald, Platinum Clubs was his vision to elect the finest Private Clubs in the nation that represent excellence, as selected by General Managers, Presidents and Owners.

The biennial election to identify the top 5% of Private Clubs in the country was conducted by an independent third party with the results certified as true and correct. This year, a record 3,128 General Managers, Presidents and Owners voted for their peers, which makes Platinum recognition the most respected acknowledgment in the industry. These Industry Leaders were directed to vote for Clubs that meet the Seven Platinum Clubs of America Selection Criteria, as approved by the Advisory Board.

The seven selection criteria were revised in 2014. General Managers, Club Presidents and Owners were asked to consider the following seven criteria when making their selections and casting votes on the final ballot. The following Criteria form the benchmark of Excellence in the Private Club Industry:

Clubs of Excellence are widely known as such by the strata of American society that frequent Private Clubs and are well traveled. Whether these Clubs are recognized from their inception or through the accumulated passage of time, their traditional history and ability to attract and retain the finest members sets them apart as domiciles of excellence.

It is the total array of facilities that provides excellence and fulfillment of the members needs in every function and activity that makes it great. Remarkable Clubs invest on a regular and planned basis in the maintenance, supervision and replacement of the grounds, equipment and furnishings, while building reserves.

Ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentleman is a maxim of the finest Clubs. Clubs that provide an excellent work environment, compensation and benefits, attract outstanding employees in the community. The quality of management is reflected by a staff that is well trained, well-mannered and highly motivated to provide its members with an extraordinary experience.

Great members are the heart and soul of successful Clubs. Members that represent the best qualities are those that reflect the community values in which they live. They celebrate their heritage and religiously observe their time-honored traditions. In addition, great members work hard to attract prospective new members who are equally great.

Great Clubs are led by presidents, owners and directors who understand that their key role is strategy and setting policy. High caliber boards work hard at ensuring continuity of effort and direction, term after term. They possess the wisdom to plan well and invest well. Prudent boards understand the need for regular dues increases and occasional assessments, together with overall fiscal responsibility.

Great Clubs work at anticipating their members and prospective members’ needs and interests. These Clubs adopt a mission statement that resonates with members about who they are and where they want to be and then develop a strategic plan to get there. Great Clubs are able to maintain traditions that reflect who they are and remain flexible to adapt to an ever-changing member market.

Great Clubs provide an “Unparalleled Experience” every day, one member at a time. These Clubs work hard to make decisions in the best interest of their members and those serving them. They encourage their staff to take the initiative, and they support their efforts to deliver exceptional service. Outstanding Clubs continue to treasure their shared experience, celebrate their achievements and appreciate one another – just like family.